Motivational Interviewing

The Romney Centre in Southampton provides motivational interviewing interventions on a one-to-one basis for clients who are ‘stuck’ in a belief or behaviour that doesn’t serve them.

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a semi-directive, client-centered approach used to enable you to explore and overcome any ambivalence to change, it is a focused and goal-oriented technique, enabling you to become motivated to achieve a desired change. Even when there are obvious reasons for you to change your behaviour or life-style, beliefs about your circumstances or ability to make the necessary change holds you back. Often people create barriers and attempt to justify reasons not to change, rather than go through what might be a painful process. Negative emotions such as fear, guilt or anger further block the change process. Motivational interviewing challenges those negative emotions and beliefs, aiming to create a sense of empowerment, which encourages you to move from ambivalence to commitment.

In addition to offering MI sessions The Romney Centre run’s open courses in MI, and offers tailored learning packages for organisations.