Hypnotherapy at the Romney Centre

There is a wealth of research evidence on the effectiveness of hypnosis originating from prestigious organisation’s worldwide.

Here at The Romney Centre in Southampton, we offer a free initial consultation, so that you can explore, with a qualified Professional, how Hypnotherapy can help you. We explain, during a 30 minute introductory session,  how you simply become very deeply relaxed, to the point that you become very receptive to positive suggestions of change. Together we focus on the best way of working with the unconscious part of your mind, the part that controls your behaviour and reactions, and stores experiences and memories. You can then make an appointment for therapy, knowing exactly what to expect.

Although, as you have seen Hypnotherapy has a wide range of applications, we find it particularly helpful in overcoming anxiety and stress, phobia’s, other fears and lack of confidence. We also use hypnosis to enhance abilities in many areas, like studying, public speaking, and performance skills in the arts, and of course sports. We even coach expectant couples to use Hypnosis in Childbirth!

We also have a very specialised program for Weight/Food related issues, available either as one to one sessions or as an audio series.

The Romney Centre has a range of qualified therapists, with different areas of speciality, so that we can provide the right treatment for you, all using a completely natural and safe way of effecting change with no negative side effects.

To Book your free initial consultation email info@romneycentre.co.uk. or phone 023 8022 6050.

To enquire about Professional Hypnotherapy Training contact info@wchn.org.uk