Face Reading for Individuals

Face Reading as a science has been around for thousands of years, but the modern approach has been used since before the Second World War. These days there is a raft of real scientific evidence to support its accuracy.

Face reading is an amazing tool that helps us to better understand ourselves and be more conscious of our communications and interaction with others. It helps us understand others so that we can learn to listen rather than react or make hasty judgements.

Bob qualified as a Face Reader in 2005. Added to his skills in counselling, coaching and mediation, this makes him uniquely qualified to help couples improve their relationship, and individuals to better understand themselves becoming aware of their strengths and challenges.

As well as Face To Face, readings can also be taken from photographs.

In addition to running full courses, Bob is available for talks or workshops.

To book an appointment contact Bob on 023 8022 6050 or to find out more visit www.facereading.org.uk