Events at the the Romney Centre

Motivational Interviewing

10th & 11th December 2016  10am to 4pm

Venue:- The Romney Centre  61 The Avenue Southampton SO17 1XS

Cost £150 plus VAT

Motivational Interviewing is a directive, but client-centered approach used to enable clients explore and overcome any ambivalence to change. It is a focused and goal-oriented technique, enabling clients become motivated to achieve a desired or required change.

Even when there are obvious reasons to change behaviour or life-style, individuals beliefs about their circumstances or ability to make the necessary changes can hold them back. Often people create barriers and attempt to justify reasons not to change, rather than go through what might be a painful process. Negative emotions such as fear, guilt or anger further block the change process. Motivational Interviewing gently challenges those negative emotions and beliefs, aiming to create a sense of empowerment, which encourages your clients to move from ambivalence to commitment.

We cover

Introducing MI, its purpose, how it is used and how it works

The spirit of motivational interviewing as a model for communicating care to clients

Establishing really effective therapeutic relationships with clients

Using OARS skills (open questions, affirmations, reflective statements, and summaries) to identify and explore issues to be addressed in any encounter, including the clients context and preferences.

Providing information and advice in a style consistent with motivational interviewing

At the end of this two day event you will have all the skills to conduct a full Motivational Interviewing session.  You will also be able to integrate these skills into your present method of working for the benefit of your clients.

Your trainers Bob and Gloria Hammett have been training Motivational Interviewing for ten years to small and large organisations including the NHS.

To Book email or phone 023 8022 6050