Workplace diversity is about acknowledging differences and adapting work practices to create an inclusive environment in which diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued. It is about understanding the individual differences in the people we work with that arise from a broad range of backgrounds and lifestyles, and recognizing the value of using those different perspectives, ideas and ways of working to enhance the quality and outcomes of work.

Our diversity is shaped and informed by a variety of characteristics including age, ethnicity, gender, disability, language, religious beliefs, life stages, education, career responsibilities, sexual orientation, personality and marital status.

Workplace diversity builds on the traditional principles of equal employment opportunity. While the act itself focuses on ensuring that all people have access to fair employment opportunities and conditions, diversity means accepting, welcoming and valuing the differences inherent in every individual and recognising the contribution that a diverse workforce can make to organizational effectiveness and performance.

A key aspect of workplace diversity is the contribution that we all make to a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.

The Romney Centre works with your organisation at every level from building a commitment to creating a working environment that values the diversity of people, sustaining awareness of diversity, demonstrating commitment to diversity, to
maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

The Romney Centre can support organisation’s with the preparation of policy through to the provision of both initial and regular refresher courses. We even have a specialist in preparing the workplace for, and assisting the gender reassignment of individual employees.

Each staff member has an important role in creating an environment where diversity is valued. Together we can work to build an environment in which everyone can fully participate.