Counselling & Psychotherapy

Talking therapy can be practised by different types of specially trained professionals.  A therapist may be a counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Counselling and psychotherapy – help for anxiety, depression, loss, guilt…

Counselling and psychotherapy can help with difficult experiences or feelings like anxiety, depression, the breakdown of a relationship, separation or loss. It can help with building self-esteem, overcoming guilt and anger, dealing with fear and uncertainty.

At the Romney Centre we provide a very wide range of therapeutic options. We are close to bus routes and situated on a main road near the centre of Southampton so we are able to offer easy access to psychological therapies.

Counselling and psychotherapy takes place in a relationship built upon trust, respect and confidentiality, and is a way of working which enables you to explore your concerns in a safe, supportive and non judgmental atmosphere.

Wide range of counselling styles

We have a number of counsellors and psychotherapists working 7 days a week, offering sessions between 9am and 8pm.  If you are looking for a counsellor you can be easily overwhelmed by the many different types of counselling and psychotherapy on offer.

At the Romney Centre in Southampton we provide a wide range of counselling styles, these include: Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Client Centered, Core Process Psychotherapy and Integrative to name a just a few.

Free initial counselling and psychotherapy consultation

However, at our free no obligation initial consultation we not only listen to your concerns, but also help you decide the style of counselling best suited to your needs. We take into account your personality, your desired outcomes,  and any preference you may have in the gender of your therapist.

All our counsellors and psychotherapists are qualified and work within professionally recognised ethical frameworks, they undertake regular supervision, and continued professional development.

Motivational Interviewing

In addition to the more traditional forms of counselling, we also offer Motivational Interviewing  (MI). This form of counselling and coaching was initially used in working with addictions, but is now used more commonly with people who may need or wish to change unhelpful behaviours.