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The Romney Centre in Southampton provides not only excellent Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors, but also BSCCM accredited training programs as well.

The world of work is becoming ever more complex and demanding. Within  large organisations,  change is constant. The demands this places on the people within these corporate environment is great. Middle managers in particular need to be flexible and able to respond quickly and effectively to new ways of working and be agile and able to inspire their teams to follow suit.

Coaching and mentoring are fast becoming the most effective way to support corporate learning and change. Successful forward thinking organisations have identified that having access to well trained mentors and coaches ready and able to support both talent and skills development is crucial.

The benefits of coaching are accepted and appreciated. Individuals show improvements in communication and interpersonal skills, increased development of leadership and management skills enhanced Conflict resolution ability. There is a noticeable growth in personal confidence,
changes in attitudes and increased motivation.

The Romney Centre has helped set up and train Coaching and Mentoring Banks in some of the best known companies in the UK, contact us and see what we can do for you.

The Romney Centre Advanced Coaching Programme

Join us on our 14 day coaching programme and you will not only gain a Licensed NLP Practitioners certificate but you will also become a BSCCM accredited coach. This will halve the time you need to spend and double your experience and capability.

Training Syllabus

No matter how much experience we have, we can all benefit from the opportunity to consider and review how we currently coach and update our knowledge and skills. This programme will give you a vast amount of practical coaching experience and feedback both from clients and observers. It will also offer you the opportunity to learn new tools and techniques to make your coaching focused, supportive, dynamic, and challenging and above all outcome orientated.

In addition to coaching during the three-day modules, you will also have the opportunity to experience how to sustain a coaching relationship over time – from both perspectives. Throughout the programme you will have your own coach in-between the modules. You will also be a coach to a course participant in-between the modules.

What will we explore?

  • The background and philosophy of Coaching
  • Your style and how to develop flexibility
  • How to build a dynamic working relationship with your client
  • How to design a contract and develop a coaching plan
  • How to measure the success of coaching
  • How to work with specific outcomes at behavioural, belief and identity level.
  • Tools, techniques and interventions which work at the different levels
  • How to give and receive really powerful, growth full feedback
  • International standards and practices adhered to in the field of coaching
  • How to help clients find balance and live more fulfilling, satisfying lives
  • How to work with common coaching/client issues
  • How to help clients identify priorities, and take appropriate action based on those priorities
  • How to facilitate the client’s progress through blocks, obstacles and fears
  • How to provide your clients with the ongoing support they need to continue taking action
  • How to deliver honest feedback (in a way that it can be heard) to heighten the client’s awareness of how they are perceived by others.

The majority of practicing coaches attend some form of supervision. Supervision is an opportunity to review the work you are doing with specific clients and gain support, challenge and ideas. It is a supportive environment where you can discuss your areas for development and get feedback. You will need to attend supervision if you wish to become an accredited coach and complete the programme. The supervision dates will be agreed with during the first module.

Course Requirements

Requirements for Certification
When you complete the programme and all of its requirements you will receive a BSCCM Accreditation and an Licensed Practitioner of NLP Certificate. You will need to ensure that you:

  • Attend all modules of the programme
  • Attend supervision sessions
  • Complete the in-between coaching sessions as both coach and coachee
  • Demonstrating competence in the BSCCM competencies

The Modules

Module One

During this module you will:

  • Develop your own definition of coaching
  • Begin to enhance and develop your own individual coaching style
  • Explore the skills and competencies required by an excellent coach
  • Create your own approach to coaching contracts and intake sessions
  • Develop a way of collecting client information about their goals and aspirations, beliefs, unique abilities and identity
  • Develop your own approach to setting outcomes and measures
  • Explore the use of powerful questions
  • Explore how to develop a working alliance with your client.

Module Two

During this module you will:

  • Explore ways to work with clients around behavioural change
  • Develop tools to forward action with clients
  • Explore how to work with clients who want to change habits and ingrained patterns of behaviour
  • How to give and receive powerful feedback

Module Three

During this module you will:

  • Develop tools and techniques to support clients in changing beliefs.
  • Review your coaching skills and competencies and give and receive feedback to your in between client and coach

Module Four

During this module you will:

  • Develop tools and techniques to work with clients around challenging issues and stuckness
  • Develop tools to support clients work around their identity and purpose
  • Practice endings with clients.

Module Five Integration

This module is designed to provide you with challenges and opportunities to demonstrate what you have learnt and get feedback from your colleagues. This module will also focus on your own development plan.

How to Book

This course takes approximately six months to complete.
To book – please call  Gloria Hammett on 02380 226050

Course Fees

Price on application.


Courses held at the Romney Centre, Southampton are limited to 10 people max.

The Romney Centre
61 The Avenue, Southampton. SO17 1XS

We can come to you to hold the Coaching Course, numbers are limited to 20 people max.

Gloria Hammett and Tina Taylor