Coaching & Mentoring

The Romney Centre in Southampton provides not only excellent Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors, but also BSCCM accredited training programs as well.

The world of work is becoming ever more complex and demanding. Within  large organisations,  change is constant. The demands this places on the people within these corporate environment is great. Middle managers in particular need to be flexible and able to respond quickly and effectively to new ways of working and be agile and able to inspire their teams to follow suit.

Coaching and mentoring are fast becoming the most effective way to support corporate learning and change. Successful forward thinking organisations have identified that having access to well trained mentors and coaches ready and able to support both talent and skills development is crucial.

The benefits of coaching are accepted and appreciated. Individuals show improvements in communication and interpersonal skills, increased development of leadership and management skills enhanced Conflict resolution ability. There is a noticeable growth in personal confidence,
changes in attitudes and increased motivation.

The Romney Centre has helped set up and train Coaching and Mentoring Banks in some of the best known companies in the UK, contact us and see what we can do for you.