Challenging Behaviour Support Team

The Challenging Behaviour Support Team at the Romney Centre

The Romney Centre in Southampton, Hampshire provides a domiciliary service for parents living with children with challenging behaviour. We have a team of qualified highly experienced professionals who can help you better help your child. Our service is private and confidential.

At some point, all parents deal with the frustration of having their toddler spread eagle, crying or kicking, in the middle of a store aisle, or having their 6-year-old disobey and challenge rules or limits. Although these behaviours are often hard for parents to deal with, they are very normal for children in these age groups. With time and positive guidance from adults, these “trying” behaviours usually go away.

Adapting strategies

The term “challenging behaviour” is often used to describe children’s trying or “problem” behaviors that do not go away over time or after using typical tried-and-true discipline methods.

It is important for you and your child care provider to have a variety of strategies to use when raising and caring for your child. Every strategy may not work for every child. Also, as your child gets older and changes, you may need to adapt strategies and approaches in order for them to continue working. It is vital to focus on and ignore certain unwanted behaviours, not the child.

Categories of challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviours can occur at home, in child care, in school or any combination. They usually occur regularly, rather than once in a while, and fall mainly in one of the following categories:

  • Aggression: Biting, hitting, throwing, choking, verbal threats
  • Self-Injury: Head banging, scratching or picking skin, trowing themselves to the floor
  • Stereotypical or repeated movements: Gestures, hand licking, mouthing, body rocking
  • Classroom disruption: Hyperactivity, talking out, arguing, unusual vocalisations
  • Noncompliance; Not responding to directions, defiance, bickering, jumping, crawling
  • Inappropriate play of behaviour; Stealing, self exposure, inappropriate touching of others, eating non-food materials, other behaviours deemed as socially unacceptable.

Many of these behaviours can result in a child hurting themselves or others, and or causing disruption within a larger group setting.

It is important to remember that every behaviour is communicating something, by discussing and unpicking situations it can usually be established what it is that is being communicated and appropriate strategies can be suggested, this may take some time and adapting however it is useful to remember that It is rarely the result of bad parenting, and is never because a child is just ‘bad or ‘wild’. Children’s behaviour is often the result of many factors.

We can help – call The Romney Centre

The team at the Romney Centre can help you come up with a positive behaviour support plan to focus on persistent and serious challenging behaviour.

To book a home visit, or for more information please contact the Challenging Behaviour Support Team at The Romney Centre on 023 8022 6050, or e-mail