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Fertility by Tina Taylor (CD)

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The tracks on this CD are taken from the therapy sessions of Tina Taylor. Tina is a Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping couples with fertility problems and there have been articles on Tina’s clients in the national press.

Many couples, who have gone through fertility treatments that have failed, continue with the treatment even though they are scared that nothing will happen. Frustrated at not being able to conceive, something that we grow up believing will happen whenever we want it to. Our mind has enormous power over the body, which is constantly influenced by our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, even manifesting themselves physically. For years physicians have accepted that psychosomatic illness can cause disease. And it is accepted that stress is a factor that can affect our fertility. When you are stressed and worried you are less likely to conceive.

By addressing these issues, Tina helps many of her clients refocus their mind on their goal, rather than spending their time thinking about the fact that they will never have a child. Listening to the CD on a regular basis can help you to address any issues that you have whether these be conscious or unconscious.

Progressive Relaxation by Gloria Hammett (CD)

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One of the most popular and easy-to-use methods to relax is by progressive relaxation. When using this wonderful recording it is easy to experience physical relaxation: the muscles relax, breathing and heart rate slow. Some people notice novel sensations such as heaviness, warmth, tingling, or even floating.

Initially, feelings of relaxation from the relaxation response may last only a short time. However, after a little practice, the body adjusts to the relaxation. Stress hormones become less reactive and the effects of the relaxation begin to “carry over” and extend throughout the day. And as stress is reduced, you also sleep better.

Tranceforming Childbirth by Tina Taylor & Nick Kemp (CD)

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The tracks on these CDs are based on Tina’s childbirth classes, teaching women how to utilities their own inner resources – their instincts whilst having their babies. It has long been accepted that the use of self-hypnosis in childbirth reduces the length of labour; this is due to the deep relaxed states that hypnosis can help you to achieve a level of relaxation that can influence your physiological experience.

By practicing the techniques on these CDs when it is time for your baby to be born you will be able to achieve a deeply relaxed state.

You Can Change Your Mind by Gloria Hammett (CD)

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You Can Change Your Mind – CD by Gloria Hammett

Your Road to Success by Gloria Hammett (CD)

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Your Road to Success by Gloria Hammett

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Your Road to Success – CD by Gloria Hammett