Corporate Training

Bespoke Corporate Training

Our trainers have a wealth of expertise and experience withint the business sector and can create in-house training courses to match your requirements; from specialised leadership training, performance enhancement to stress management and health & safety issues.

Why corporations hire the Romney Centre

After your employees have attended our courses they notice a difference, personal growth and development; they feel more loyal to the company no matter how large or small.  This in turn decreases absenses from work and increases productivity.  Motivating them to deliver better results and improve the company’s bottom line.

Tailored to your specific industry

Our customised course’s will meet your staffs’ specific needs. We can create a course based on an identified skill gap or workplace issue or if you prefer our consultants can talk with you about your training needs before you decide on a course. The location, duration and timing are up to you.

Who can apply?

If you know what your training needs are or if you are not sure what your needs are, just email and one of our consultants will be happy to talk through your organisations needs.

Common benefits

  • Encourages staff loyalty and improves performance;
  • Gives you a competative edge, and;
  • Well trained staff require less supervision.

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